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Assist hooks (stingers)


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  • Image of Assist hooks (stingers)
  • Image of Assist hooks (stingers)
  • Image of Assist hooks (stingers)

Some of the strongest assist hooks on the Australian market.
Can be used on any lure style and can replace trebles completly.
The best hook style to use when fishing any weedy or slimy areas with lures like blades, rubber vibes, lipless crank baits and hard bodies.
Will generate a lot more hits in these scenarios due to your lure being fishable and not fouled up with weed and slime as often.
These assist hooks are also great alternatives to normal stinger style hooks on large plastics, spinner baits and chatter baits. The use of the assist hook as a stinger will give your plastic much more action then a rigid fixed ordinary stinger hook.
Fish once hooked on this style of hook very rarely get off.
Pics are examples of ways to rig your assist hooks on Insanity Tackle lures and we use and recommend using the size 1/0 hooks on our vibes and lipless crank baits, 2/0 on the same lures when targeting Murray cod and the 3/0 size is what we use as a stinger on Mega cod Angel baits and any other spinner baits or chatter baits.