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Angel bait Lighter version (5 inch single curl tail)


Image of Angel bait Lighter version (5 inch single curl tail)

ANGEL BAITS are the brain child of Wayne ‘Mr Freshwater’ Dubois and are the most exciting lure to hit Aussie shelves since the spinner bait.

ANGEL BAITS are designed to be used exactly the same way and in the same places you would a spinnerbait.

ANGEL BAITS ride hook up and can be worked over and through snags but the beauty of the ANGEL BAITS is there smaller more life like profile as well as the unique spinning device.

ANGEL BAITS will attract fish with there natural vibration and flash but won’t scare them in the process.

ANGEL BAITS can be cast and retrieved, trolled or jigged and make a great alternative especially on highly pressured waters where the fish have seen thousands of spinnerbaits.

The other way to look at them is as blinged up plastics.

https://youtu.be/PRtlm81a7w8 (Copy and paste to see underwater footage of the Angel baits on Youtube)

Chuck an ANGEL BAIT on and ‘Fool those finicky fish’.

Note: Unless specific plastic colours are requested all Angel baits will be rigged with the colours that are fishing the best at the time of purchase.